Patrice Malloy

It has been said, if you want to take a beautiful or inspiring photograph, stand in front of something beautiful or inspiring.

A San Diego County, CA-based freelance marketing/public relations consultant, photographer and writer specializing active sports and activities, Patrice has been fortunate to be smack dab in front of some of the most active, awe-inspiring people and scenes on the planet.

Her passion for four-legged athletes is also evident when she gets nose-to-nose with furry friends at San Diego-area dog parks and beaches.

Visit Patrice's Active People galleries to see photos of inspirational people participating in marathons, triathlons, paddleboad competitions, swim meets and other athletic endeavors in places near and far.

Images from some of the world's most magical and active destinations on all seven continents can be found in the Active Places galleries. And finally, pics of pooches surfing, running, etc. can be found in the Active Pets galleries.

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Patrice Malloy
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